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What Do You Really Want For Your Marriage?

We’ve asked that question to hundreds of husbands and wives and most of them say:

“I want us to feel the enjoyment and affection we once had in our relationship.”

“I want to trust and be trusted”

“I want us to have a mutual respect for each another.”

“I want us to communicate from our hearts and feel connected in our relationship.”

If these are some of the ingredients you are looking for, Cornerstone offers one of the nations leading, distinctively Christian, marriage counseling retreat programs that can take you and your partner to higher and happier place in your marriage than you have ever been before. Our Marriage Renewal Retreats offer highly effective Biblical principles and skill-based experiential training that leads to lasting change and growth.

1. We offer a program that fits your schedule, budget, and preferences:

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box seminar that fails to meet your  specific needs and objectives as a couple. Set your sights high, and believe that you can have the best- the close, caring, trusting, and fulfilling relationship God wants for you. Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries can help you achieve just that. Couples who have attended Cornerstone Marriage Retreats report:

  • A deep healing of their relationship resulting in a new and lasting sense of joy and closeness
  • Establishment of a strong foundation of trust
  • Ability to communicate from their hearts, and solve problems more effectively
  • Development of a satisfying Emotional and Physical Intimacy
  • Creation of a compelling and satisfying vision for their future
  • Discovery of a new way of being (as opposed to a relationship to-do list) that forever serves their marriage

Does that match up with some of the qualities you are seeking in your marriage? Then consider this important question…

2. How can we create lasting change and continue our relationship growth rather than just experience a temporary “high” followed by a drift back into former patterns?

A curriculum based on the rock solid principles and practical applications of scripture, with tools and skills that define successful relationships and life lived with meaning.

  • Proven, experiential, hands-on teaching and training, and exercises that take you far beyond the average- boring seminar “lecture” experience.
  • Private one-on-one time with trained and experienced ministry facilitators.
  • Attendance is limited to a maximum of 14-18 couples.
  • A post-weekend follow-up program and Coaching Call that will help you remain accountable to your commitments and working toward your goals. (additional marriage Coaching calls also available at a modest price for alumni.)

3. Finally, what about the location and setting, and program- will it give us a a marriage renewal experience of a lifetime?

  • Exercises and activities designed to connect you to the principles and skills being taught, creating those life-altering “Ah-hah, now I get it,” moments. You will be challenged and empowered.
  • Great food, outstanding hotel room or suite accommodations, an attentive staff dedicated to your service, and consistently beautiful, natural and relaxing surroundings will melt away the stresses of life and leave you invigorated and fully engaged in your marriage journey.
  • Reasonable and inclusive pricing (including hotel room or suite, meals, activities, private session, the training, and coaching call) that lets you focus your attention on your relationship without cumbersome distractions.

Our distinctively Christian Marriage Renewal Retreats are held in locations that are easily accessible but light years away from the noise and bustle of busy hotels and daily life. You will agree with us that when it comes to a Marriage Retreat, location is indeed important.

Next to your relationship with God, your marriage relationship is the most important relationship you will ever have on earth. Why settle for less than the best, most effective Christian marriage counseling retreat available? It is your commitment to your marriage, combined with our commitment to you that will ensure your success.


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