Steve Wriggle

“Roy and Sue Milam of Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries faithfully served at Grace Community Church for ten years. They developed and implemented a marriage and family ministry at our church and organized a team of individuals to support and carry out the work.

Roy and Sue conducted ongoing marriage skill classes and worked with hundreds of couples in our church and community teaching the basis for a successful marriage and helping them to build strong marriages.

They also worked extensively with troubled marriages. We saw couples who were torn apart due to affairs, financial crisis, step parenting, unresolved conflict, anger and bitterness. Through their teaching, many of the couples experienced restoration and avoided divorce as a direct result. Roy and Sue also taught marriage preparation for our engaged couples.

They also organized and started a parenting program with age specific classes including new parents and adolescents. They equipped couples with the skills and confidence needed to raise responsible children.

We are committed to their current marriage renewal weekends and marriage education programs and will use our resources for promotion and use of facilities. The need in our community for these services is great. I know of no similar program in the Houston area where couples can go when their marriage is in trouble. I highly recommend this program.”