Amazing Testimonies of Marriages Saved

54 Children 32 Adults Saved Imminent Distress of Family Breakdown

Locations: Dallas, Texas  & Indianapolis, Indiana

A New Beginning, Marriage Renewal Retreat
Date:  April 1-3 2016  &  April 29-May 1, 2016,
Before this weekend my marriage was full of anger, resentment and little hope. The projects on confession and forgiveness allowed me to bring our pain to the table and discuss our issues like adults who respected one another. I am leaving believing I have the tools to continue to grow my relationship with my husband. We have up-rooted our seeds and planted them in fertile soil so that good fruit will be produced.
Tramaire, Eligibility Analyst, married 7 years
Before it was heading downward – I prayed every day that it would get better, during the weekend we almost left twice… I am so glad I stayed – The lessons were real life, faith based examples of how to improve tools were discussed and demonstrated. I wish everyone could attend this session.
Leroy, Teacher, married 8 years


We almost didn’t make it this weekend. Praise god we did!

For me this weekend has helped me to forgive my husband. I’ve realized and recognized and confessed my complete lack of respect for my husband. I have committed to respecting him. And the tools you have provided for us to conflict are priceless! Thank you for what you do!

Kerri, Server, married 1 year
Our marriage was at the beginning of the end, and it seemed easier to just find someone else who we connected more naturally with. Now I believe for the first time in many years that my wife actually does love me and we have hope.  This weekend taught me that with the right attitude and skills. It is possible to heal issues in our marriage.
                                          Hashan, Manager, married 7 years


inlovecouple103I was desperate for a miracle! How bad did we need a miracle?  We drove 3 days for it – 2500 miles to receive it.  I am so grateful to God and to Cornerstone for a renewal in our marriage. Derek & Missy were outstanding; Jeff & Sue demonstrated Godly love and mentorship. Everyone was real. They gave us a real.

They gave us real tools that they use and in their own marriages.  You  have a couple who are real advocates in Washington state. My wife and I are on the right track; thank you for your obedience to applying the Word of God. All Christians (and those who are not) need to attend this!

Michael, Retired Military, married 8 years
This retreat saved our marriage. Christ is always in control but this weekend gave us the tools to continue. We were at the end of our rope. We both recommitted our marriage to Christ and each other. We are both a bit nervous to go home and put it into action. We will make it – Thank you and we will now add this ministry to our daily prayer list.
                              Denise, Physician Assistant, married 13 years

My marriage was without hope to be repaired.    I told my husband I will go but I don’t promise you anything, they don’t have a magic eraser

to make me forget about what happened, but God has done a wonderful thing. I was able to forgive & with God’s help eventually my heart will stop hurting.

                                Adrianna, R.N, married 29 years

We were headed toward a possible divorce, after a major crisis of infidelity.

 This gave us the tools for healing, hope and restoration in our marriage.
Michael, Respiratory Therapist, married 29 years
 Forty-eight hours prior to the retreat we had separated and were making the
  choice to move on. I prayed, looked on the internet, called Sue to get more information, reached to my husband about it and registered. Now we are at the end of the retreat and have made a commitment to each other and to Christ to work, build and persevere to stay together.
                                       Karren, Manager, married 1 year
My marriage was headed for divorce with no hope of reconciliation. This weekend allowed for some much needed healing to occur in my marriage which gives me hope for the future. It also gave me the tools to reconcile. It also gave us insight into our feelings and how to serve one another through Christ.
Ozzie, Law Enforcement, married 22 years


It helped me  discover how to connect with my wife at an emotional level.   It also showed me that I can’t fix me and my marriage in my own  and that I need Christ to help. Our marriage was renewed after this weekend.
Hector, Engineer, married 6 years