Larry K.

“In the middle of a nasty divorce, 33 weeks pregnant, with a 2-year old at home, we were given the tools to restore a marriage that had become so miserable and full of hate and resentment that I was willing to do anything, just so I could tell my kids someday that I tried everything I could think of. Here at the Cornerstone retreat a real miracle happened – Roy & Sue (through God) taught us how to make this work, gave us invaluable tools that we will use each day to overcome and work through each struggle and learn how to love each other! Really forgive each other & really love each other – enough to call our attorneys and cancel our divorce.” Taylor, stay at home mom, married 3 years.
“Before the weekend, my marriage was over. I came to this retreat – just so I could say we had tried everything to save it. Now we have a “New Beginning” – I feel good about our chances of being successful.”