Katie M.

Lack of communication caused built up resentments which led to anger and eventually the breakdown of our marriage. My husband began to do drugs to cope, and I began to drink. Our teenage daughter was desperately trying to escape our wrecked family. On a Sunday, after 15 years of marriage I told my husband I wanted a divorce. We began the processing of separating our lives. On that Tuesday, while I was at work, God led me to www.marriageministry.org. There just happened to be a retreat beginning Friday in Dallas. I called my husband and asked if he would consider it. He said YES! The retreat saved our marriage, saved us, and saved our family. We are both sober, going to church, communicating, and having fun together. It’s like we’re newly weds, not to mention our dead sex life is now off the charts. We used the same techniques that Roy and Sue taught us to make ammends with our daughter and make our family whole. I have been singing the praises of this ministry to anyone who will listen. I just can’t express how wonderful this program is and how genuine and caring Roy and Sue are. It’s okay to have doubt and low expectations upon arriving at the retreat, like Roy said you just need faith as big as a mustard seed and ask God to show you the way. He will!