“The weekend was incredible! After 18 years of marriage and with two children our marriage was in shambles. Unresolved issues and painful events of the past had eroded our relationship to a point of despair We were disconnected and disgruntled, basically just coexisting under the same roof with little or no intimacy, just surviving, living in our own worlds. In spite of my adamant beliefs against divorce, I saw no hope for our marriage. There was nothing left but to leave and move on with our separate lives. In November of 2000, I moved out.

After a 2½-years of separation we decided to explore the possibilities of reconciliation, and heard about Cornerstone’s “New Beginning,” Marriage Renewal Weekend on KHCB radio. We attended in March 2003.

With guidance we were able to talk through things…. It was an experience where God was invited in and we felt His presence. It was the kind of environment we needed to ask for and grant forgiveness. We forgave each other for the years of pain and the hurts we had caused one another.

It gave us practical steps to follow in communicating and resolving our differences and we gained a mutual understanding of each others’ needs…. But the greatest benefit of the weekend, was realizing that I needed to put God first in my life regardless of what happens in my marriage.”

After the retreat we attended all of the follow-up sessions and applied the principles to their relationship. In June we moved back in together. Several months ago, we renewed our wedding vows. We are so thankful for your work.”