Audrey M.

“Without a doubt, this weekend saved my marriage. In fact, it saved my life. After 27 years of marriage, I was ready to quit. I was not sure I even wanted to go to the weekend retreat. Praise God that I did. We had been hurting each other for so many years and had no clue how to truly communicate, even after 27 years. I truly did not think the hurts could ever be healed. How wrong I was. True miracles happened this weekend with God, Roy and Sue leading the way. Them and their additional ministry team, including Joyce and John, truly saved my marriage. Miracles do happen and hurt marriages can be completly restored. God has healed and will continue to help us heal our marriage. God and Cornerstone gave us the tools we need and taught us the most important life lessons in the world – how to save our marriage. Thank you God for this ministry.”