Anonymous 9

“God is so good! He is working in our marriage and we are seeing a remarkable difference. I know now, beyond any doubt that I am blessed with such a wonderful wife. Our relationship has been so much better and we’re much closer than in the past. Last week we had a wonderful anniversary celebration. It was our 38th. We had fun, talked, held hands, laughed and loved, and prayed together. I know I have not “arrived” and that there will always be challenges. However, I am now enjoying a more loving journey with Mary. Since the retreat I cannot say enough how much I Love Jesus and my wife. She is loving, caring, compassionate and tenderhearted.

I also want to say thank you to you both. This ministry is needed so very much. It has changed our marriage. Please let us know when the next retreat is and send us some brochures so that we can give them out to friends. We also plan to send my son and daughter-in-law. May the Lord bless you and Sue.”