News Report:
54 Children & 36 Adults Saved From Impending Collapse

Location: Dallas, Texas
Event: A New Beginning, Marriage Renewal Retreat
Date: June 24-26, 2016

First-Hand Accounts From Those Rescued

“My wife and I had hardly spoken in months. The projects and counseling helped us get back to a point where we are now communicating again. It helped us face some issues that we had withheld from one another for quite some time. We had the opportunity to talk and grow together again.”

Mark, Systems Administrator, married 2 years

“Our marriage was helped and healed through the power of Jesus Christ.
There was infidelity. I was able to forgive my spouse and commit to restoring trust in my marriage. We are trusting God for the full restoration of our covenant marriage.”

D’Idra, married 32 years

“Before we came to this weekend we were seriously discussing divorce.
I ran across Cornerstone’s website and sent it to my husband, thinking it would be his choice whether we came or not. We agreed this would be our “Hail Mary.” We came feeling that it would give us the tools we needed, or we were done. The weekend gave us far more than just the tools. It has given me an understanding of how important my marriage is. It helped us to heal many issues, hurts and disappointments.”

Barbara, Supervisor, married 28 years

“This weekend we learned a productive way to communicate. We recognized how our hurtful actions made each other feel. Now we have a plan to heal hurts as they occur in our marriage. We were in a rough spot coming into the weekend. We now see some light at the end of the tunnel. With some hard work there is hope for recovery through God’s grace.”

Teacher, married 18 years

“Our relationship was amazingly changed this weekend.
It was exactly what we needed, and even more. We knew we needed healing, but we didn’t know how to make it happen. We tried several things but they only helped a little and we desperately needed more healing. We thank God for the opportunity to attend this retreat…”

Lilia, Housewife, married 2 years

“Before the weekend we argued and fought over everything.
There were definitely underlying issues that needed to be addressed. We addressed these issues and were able to forgive each other through Christ’s forgiveness. Leaving this retreat, we have a much better understanding of feelings. We now have the tools in our toolbox to fix our issues as they arise. I am truly grateful and will always pray for the success of this ministry.”

Allan, Business Director, married 7 years