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Prayer for Marriage Restoration

“The insistent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective.” (James 5:16)


Dear Friend in Christ,

Thank you for visiting us today.  We pray this prayer everyday,  for every person who visits here . We believe and we see it daily; that God is doing a mighty work in marriages  and that your heart, and your spouse’s heart and marriage are to be fully restored.

Marriage restoration is possible when a husband and wife are willing to engage in a conversation, and when either one or both of them are willing to engage in a dialogue about their relationship. Whether you’re dealing with communication problems,  unresolved conflicts, emotional pain from past hurts, an affair, anger, unforgiveness, selfishness or unsolved differences, here are three hopeful prayers that can help you with your marriage restoration.

Prayers to Save a Marriage

Lord Jesus, Our marriage is crumbling. I come to You; “before Your throne of grace,”  desperately seeking You., asking You for help and guidance and wisdom about what to do.  We’re stumbing and feel the hurdles are just too big.  We keeping hearing the word, “Divorce,” We hear other “voices,” telling us to just give up— that there’s been too much water under the bridge… that our marriage is too far gone to keep going on.  But Lord,  neither of us want to destroy our marriage. We don’t want to break up our family or injure our children.  You said that marriage is a covenant, “til death do us part.” You said that “nothing is too difficult for you.”   I believe that Your will is for our marriage to be healed too.

But Lord, we’ve  tried and done what we can, and have come to the place now where we don’t know what to do.  Lord, I ask you,  that if there is a way, to please show us the way and what to do.  I ask You to show us the next steps we need to take to restore our marriage. I ask you to deal with my heart, with any selfishness, apathy, or pride, or anything  _____________ (my spouse’s) heart. I ask You to reveal anything to us that we are not seeing for ourselves. I believe Lord that You are “…the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We’ve lost our way. We need Your way, Your Truth and Your life. We’ve lost our “first love” for each other. We need You. We need You to restore us; I ask You to restore us oh Lord and to help us find the way back to each other and to You again.

I ask You to renew in me and in boyh of us, us a willing spirit. Help me to not point fingers or respond defensively. Teach me how to listen to ______________  and to really hear. Lord, I realize that my actions, attitudes, and feelings and the things that have have happened between us that brought us to this place, didn’t happen overnight.  I realize that it will take time to undo things that I have done, that brought us to this place in our marriage. I ask You to show me what I need to do to make these things right between us.  Help me to see what I need to see to change.  I ask you to work in  ______________ (my spouse’s) heart and to help him/her do what You want him/her to do.

Lord, You promised to guide us in the way we should go. You are a wise Counselor, and You know exactly what we need. All our hopes and expectations are in You. If outside Christian counsel is necessary to lead us back and “start over,” please direct us to who truly can help. I trust that You are the answer, Lord.  I believe and declare that divorce is not what we want.  I ask that Your will be done in our lives and marriage. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

May the Lord Bless You.  Please fill out our information form with your first names and we will be praying for you, your spouse, and that your marriage will be healed and restored.

Sincerely in Christ,

Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries

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