Our Mission

We desire to see marriages that are strained and hurting brought back to a place of health, intimacy, love, and trust. We are committed committed to accomplishing this by restoring and strengthening couples to build their homes according to God's plan. We seek to accomplish this by building godly marriages and families through the timeless truths and principles of Jesus Christ.  We seek to make our marriage intensive services available to all who desire to renew, refresh or restore their marriages for each other and for future generations.

Our Vision

We envision husbands and wives and families all across our Nation who were once hurting, broken-hearted, and discouraged being healed, restored and strengthened in their marriages,  and equipped to relate to each other more happily, lovingly and intimately in accordance with God's plan for marriage. We see couples  being transformed by God's Spirit, love and truth,  strengthened in their faith; growing closer to God and each other.

Our Strategy

Building strong, godly marriages, in three key ways:

1. Healing hurting marriages- Marriage intensive, weekend retreats focused on dealing with spiritual, interpersonal and relational issues, with a six-session follow up program.

2. Fine-tuning and strengthening "stable" marriages-Weekend marriage enrichment retreats that help committed couples proactively sustain a happy, fulfilling relationship emphasizing spiritual and relational growth,with an optional four-week follow up program.

3. Equipping leadership and mentoring couples- through weekend marriage retreats aimed at equipping leaders for ministry so that they can reach out to others and lead marriage and family ministry in their churches & communities.

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