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Program Overview

Regardless of How Hopeless You May Feel Your Marriage Is,

It Can Be Healed, Restored and Put On a Path to Life-long Love

     You may think that this is impossible to achieve in a weekend. But we wouldn’t tell you that if we didn’t know it to be true.  Why do we know?

Here’s Why: Most importantly, because it works. We have achieved proven, 87.3 per-cent success record of restoring distressed marriages with more than 2,500 couples  since 1997. That’s why we’re so certain that with God’s help, our unique proven approach,  our professional team of caring counselors and some hard work, it can be done.

Our program is a nationally recognized alternative to traditional marriage counseling. It is based on timeless precepts, the latest research on marital relationships today, and our experience with thousands of couples in distressed marriages. That’s why every year hundreds of couples travel from all across the nation to attend one of our distinctively Christian Marriage Intensives offered at various locations across the United States each month.


How do we achieve these kinds of results?

Here’s How?  Over the course of a three-phase, closely guided intensive weekend, our team of marriage counselors, coaches and facilitators walk you and your spouse on a practical “step-by-step” journey utilizing therapeutic,  timeless principles, applications and exercises which reveal the hidden barriers that have been harmful to your spouse and your  marriage, and have kept your marriage from thriving.

Unlike many marriage intensive programs which require 5-7 group therapy sessions,  our program is NOT conducted in a group therapy format, nor does it require any group disclosures. But rather provides you a more comfortable, private experience; in fact, nobody is asked nor expected to share their problems with anyone in a group setting. The format consists of closely guided exercises, experential learning activities,  marital relationship tools and skills training, and application projects done both privately, and as a couple.

Our program starts before you arrive for the weekend intensive.  Upon registration for the retreat, we ask you and your spouse to each complete a couple’s “Confidential Marital Relationship Assessment” which gives us each spouse’s perspective of their presenting issues. This helps our team of counselors  better understand what the focus of the weekend will be in working with you. Then, starting with our first session on Friday evening we begin the retreat by laying the foundation needed to embark upon a weekend journey which is an intensive one, yet which promises to be a very rewarding one.

On day two we begin walking you carefully, step by step through each aspect of a healing process crucial in helping you as a couple achieve a deep level of healing in your hearts and souls, from the least to the most painful of past events in your marriage.

Accomplishing this crucial step enables you to then be able to work together with less tension and a greater sense peace and unity. We then guide you through the process of re-establishing your emotional connection as a couple,  addressing unresolved issues, using practical tools to rebuild communication, empathy, closeness, and friendship. By the end of the retreat, most couples have experienced major healing in their relationships and have started to become much more secure and connected in their relationships.

Lastly, in phase three, we assist you in developing a personalized plan for making attitude and behavioral life changes, and equipping you with tools to take those crucial next steps that will lead to a healthier, happier marriage going forward. Our after-care program is strategically designed to support the major changes, experiences and skills developed from the the weekend.

Whether you are facing separation, divorce, trying to recover from an affair, addiction, or seeking transformation from  anger or emotional abuse, this experience will will help make you  lasting change in your marriage. You will learn how to do life very differently than you have previously.  The program focuses on both the individual and the couple, helping you both work toward becoming the man, the woman, and the happy couple you once were!

“We came here stressed and disconnected, with serious challenges before us. This gave us what we needed to turn our marriage around and get our marriage and our hearts together again.”

Family Physician, Married 26 years

  • Spouses will be challenged and empowered to take an honest look at their self and their marital relationship, put the past behind, deal with the relevant issues and rediscover the feeling of love they once had in your marriage.
  • Even if your marriage has become conflicted, cold, or distant; regardless of what negative feelings you may have toward each other now, experiencing this weekend will dramatically change your relationship. Just as it has for thousands of others, experiencing this life-changing marital restoration weekend can put you and your spouse on the road to recovery and life-long love.
  • Based on current leading research, timeless biblical principles, and our experience with hundreds of crisis marriages, this solution-oriented, marriage intensive weekend will give you insights, tools and understanding, help you deal with your marital issues head-on. You’ll experience powerful insights that most often result in internal change of hearts and perspectives,  that can turn your marriage around, and put the two of you on the path to life-long love.

You’ll Experience

…real truth

  •  Discover practical, proven, Biblical tools for your marriage and a proven process that can restore your feelings of affection for each other, bring lasting change, and make your marriage loving again.

…real insights

+ Because certain male and female gender differences can cause immeasurable conflict in a marriage that can pull a couple apart, you’ll gain insights and understanding to accept each others “differentness”, and how to leverage those differences to create more harmony and closeness in your relationship.

  •  Gain insight from marriage facilitators, coaches and counselors who communicate not only in a serious, problem-solving way, but who real, and fun, and who also share personal examples you can relate to and tools you’ll be able to readily apply.
  •  Gain invaluable new insights into the attitudes and actions that restore love and make a vibrant marriage again.

…real renewal

  •  You’ll gain and use practical tools and relationship skills that help you improve communication, understand each other’s needs, and practical ways to meet them, minimize frustration and actually experience greater fulfillment in your relationship.

You’ll re-discover more love for each other and get closer to each other than you ever imagined possible.

Who Should Attend?

  • Couples recovering from a trauma, crisis or other major hurt such as an affair, unemployment, death in the family, are separated, have a pending divorce, or trying to decide whether to stay together.
  • Couples who feel distant or pulled apart by stress and pressures, and want a closer relationship.
  • Couples who are not satisfied with their relationship due to conflict or communication difficulties.
  • Couples who simply want to enrich their relationship, communicate better and enhance their level of intimacy. This is an non-denominational program and couples from all backgrounds are welcome.

Format & Schedule

The program is not conducted in a therapy group format. In fact, nobody is asked nor expected to share their problems with anyone except their spouse and of course a counselor. The format consists of closely guided exercises, experential learning activities, scriptural teaching, relationship skills training, and application projects done both privately, and as a couple.

Program begins Friday at 7:00 PM and concludes on Sunday at 4:00 PM.

Convenient After-Care Up Program

Following the weekend, you are eligible to participate in our “MarriageBuilders” after-care program designed to help you stay on a positive track of growth and development going forward in your New Beginning.  The “MarriageBuilders Tool Kit” consists of four audio sessions with Study Guides and Couple Projects. Optional tele-counseling/coaching is also available following the weekend. Additional information and registration will be offered at the Retreat Weekend.


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whether or not A New Beginning , Marriage Intensive Weekend is for you.

Here’s what couples said about their New Beginning experience:

“Before the weekend, we were separated and headed for divorce. There were so many hurts that we worked through and forgave each other for. The fact that he did this with me was the major thing for me.I have a renewed spirit towards my husband and our marriage.”
                  Stormy, Recruiting Consultant, married 4 years, Humble, TX
“My wife and I now have the tools to succeed. We have been separated physically and emotionally. I now feel more connected to her than ever before. I was on the verge of a divorce. I feel like this program saved my marriage and maybe my life.”
               Ike, Project Manager,
             married 4 years, Humble TX
“Before the weekend we were a broken couple with years of hurt and issues between us. This weekend we asked each other for forgiveness and affirmed together our commitment to God and each other.”
Luz, HR Director, married 13 years, Miami, Florida
“The weekend opened my eyes and heart to see how wrong I have been in my actions and how they have affected my marriage. It allowed me to turn to God and re-commit my life to Him, also to ask for forgiveness and and be forgiven by my wife.  Together we can use the tools we got to create a plan to  navigate from here to ensure we succeed together.”
Paul, Entrepreneur,
married 13 years, Miami, Florida


Before the weekend, I had lost hope. I was on the verge of ending my marriage because I did not think things would ever change. I was scared to death to think about the future. During the weekend, I began to have hope. I was able to work through issues, forgive and be forgiven. We left the weekend with tools and a plan which I am so thankful for.”

                                          Jennifer, teacher, married 14 years, Devine, TX

“We addressed the ‘core issues’ for each of us that have led to destructive behaviors in our marriage.  After an emotional day yesterday, we went to dinner and the waitress asked if we were celebrating anything special. We answered simultaneously that we were celebrating a new beginning!”

             Bill, Manager, married 18 years, Longview, TX

“We had to separate in January, and I wanted a divorce. We were fragile and I thought we were over. My husband decided he was willing to give our marriage a try. This weekend has brought forgiveness, new hope and a re commitment to out marriage. I will be moving home tomorrow praise God!”

          Kristin,  married 3 years,

Ontario, Canada

“My world seemed to be crashing down and I had given up. Coming to this retreat helped me pick up the pieces and helped me put them back together. I just didn’t have the proper tools to make it all work. It taught me to put aside my selfish needs and wants and focus on my spouse. We can now understand each other. We now feel God fresh and flowing in a gentle stream of love and intimacy.”

Susan, Registered Nurse,

married 30 years, Sullivan, Indiana

“I have learned new things I want to change in myself to help our marriage stay strong. The tools to help us communicate our feelings are very helpful to get out what has been heavy on our hearts, and do it in a positive way. Our marriage is closer to God than it has ever been. That in itself has been the most amazing part of the weekend for me.”
Christine, Stay at Home Mom,

married 5 years, Augusta, Georgia

“Before this weekend I had a hard time with my feelings. I would hold them in and not share them. I have found that by doing that it was poisoning my relationship. With the tools that have been given to me, I feel that I can share my feelings and not feel scared. This will allow me and my spouse to truly connect on a more emotional and spiritual relationship.”
Tim, Lawn care, married 1 year,

Brooklyn, NY

“The retreat redirected me and helped me repent of my sin and selfishness…. It got me on a road of renewal and healing in our marriage. We have begun the healing process of the many misunderstandings that we were unaware of.”

Walt, Physician, married 15 years,

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“My marriage was broken. The weekend opened up an all new level of communication and forgiveness. I now know that God is at the center of our marriage. By allowing God to come in, anything is possible. I learned what forgiveness really meant and I opened up to my spouse and allowed myself to listen to him.”

Sonia, Welder, married 15 years,
Kokoma, Indiana
 Twenty-Seven marriages were reconciled and re-committed to their marriages.  Over 58 children were spared a traumatic legacy of divorce.
How amazing! Retreat after retreat, marriages are saved from a tragic ending. When you see what we see, in retreat after retreat, you understand what we mean when we say, “Miracles never cease.”
And these are just a few of the many testimonies we heard and received.  If you could see and talk to these couples “before” and “after”, you would understand exactly what I mean when I say that “God can do in one weekend more what it would take a thousand Psychologists to do.”
  “With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26)   

Join us and discover what thousands of others have… timeless truths and practical tools to rekindle your love, reconnect your hearts and renew your marriage.
A New Beginning
Marriage Renewal Weekend  
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