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Marriage Renewal God’s Way

Marriage Renewal

Marriage RenewalThe dictionary defines renew: to make like new: restore to freshness or vigor, to begin again. When marriage renewal occurs, something that was once waning comes alive again. Marriage renewal brings back characteristics that existed before; like beauty, energy, strength and luster. The opposite is for something to be in a state of stagnation or decline, or to be diminished from its original condition.

In the physical realm, old houses and cars in a state of decay can be restored to their original state of beauty, brilliance and functionality through a process of renewal. So can organizations, businesses and ministries. But there are two other areas in which renewal can spark even greater value: that’s in our individual lives and our marriages. Perhaps you have experienced the power and potential of marriage renewal in your life and marriage. If not, you can!

Individual lives that are in a state of stagnation and degeneration can come alive again. In his letter to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul says that you can actually put off the old, and experience renewal. In fact that’s what God wants for you; to “be continually renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude] (Eph 4:22-24). Through Jesus Christ our minds and spirits can be renewed. It’s meant to be more than just a one time occurence. It’s something we can experience on an ongoing basis through Him…a deep sense of freshness and marital renewal in our lives.

And it’s something He wants us to do in our marriages too. In our Marriage Renewal Retreats we’ve seen stagnated and even marriages that were seemingly dead, begin to blossom and come alive again, as husbands and wives experience the spiritual renewal that only an intimate encounter with Christ can bring. And when that happens, lives and marriages become fresh and re-invigorated. A new sense of love, hope, and delight re-emerges. Intimacy, commitment, and trust reappears.

Spiritual renewal and marriage renewal: it’s what happens to husbands and wives in every one of our marriage renewal weekend retreats. It’s nothing short of incredible to see! And I believe it’s why so many people who attend once, keep coming back again. Because each and every one of us needs to be renewed on an ongoing basis to keep us from becoming stagnated and stale.

So, what about your marriage? When was the last time you experienced a fresh sense of marital renewal of love and intimacy in your relationship with God and your mate? Is your life, your love, your marriage due for renewal? If so, then I encourage you to come join us for our upcoming Marriage Renewal Retreat. We only have a few openings left, so act quickly and let us know soon so that we can reserve your place. It may be just what you need to put your life and marriage on the road to marriage renewal.

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