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 This site is dedicated to helping couples understand our views on the complex nature of marriage and how to make lasting marriages successful through insightful marriage articles and intensive marriage counseling services.
 According to the dictionary a marriage is a combination or mixture of two or more elements. At MarriageMinistry.Org the two elements that we have "married" together are the terms "Marriage" and "Ministry."
When combined, the compound word becomes extraordinarily advantageous to those who utilize it. Married couples lives are changed for the better when they employ marriage ministry to their own marriages. What most people fail to realize is that marriage is a ministry in and of itself.

When couples say, "I Do," and embark on the life-long journey together in marriage, they are actually beginning their own ministry. At the heart of ministry is the idea of serving others above yourself. You have likely heard of the "Golden Rule." This principle finds its origins in the Bible, specifically Matthew 7:12, which states,

"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets."

Ministry requires people to give freely of themselves in order that others my benefit from their labor of love. In marriage you have two people both serving one another throughout their lives, each striving to out-give their partner in marriage. The result is generally a happy, well-balanced marriage.

We all understand the "WHY" of having a good marriage, but the difficulty that most couples face in marriage is inadequate knowledge and resources to show them the "HOW" of having a good marriage.

Introducing MarriageMinistry.Org is the culmination of decades of practical insights, formal training, and good old-fashioned experience wrapped up into one timely and relevant website centered around marriage.

Marriage Ministry Dennis Rainey Endorsement

The founders of, Roy and Sue Milam have dedicated their lives and their own marriage ministry to seeing others benefit from the fruit of their labors. is replete with insightful and engaging articles on marriage that deliver a wealth of information on how to forge a bountiful marriage relationship with your spouse. Each article is pregnant with wisdom and offers encouragement to the readers. In addition to the invaluable resources on the site, there are also indispensable resources available to help coach married couples in their own marriage ministry. These resources include marriage counseling and marriage retreats.

Marriage Counseling from MarriageMinistry.Org

MarriageMinistry.Org is the web arm of Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries. Cornerstone is an agency that specializes in offering in-depth counseling that is bibliocentric and focuses on the most trusted  and exhaustive resource; the Bible, to help couples learn to engage one another, developing the tools to begin to master the art of marriage.

Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries offers counseling sessions in person, online or by phone and will work with married couples to understand the source of marital problems and then arm them with the ability to work through their problems together and grow their marriages in the process.

For more information about scheduling a consultation contact Roy Milam or call (281) 304-1500

Marriage Ministry Weekend Retreats

Another facet of marriage ministry comes in the form of our Intensive Marriage Ministry Weekend Retreats. Throughout the year Roy and Sue travel throughout the United States to host retreats where couples from all around the nation gather to experience a "Biblical Marriage Bootcamp" of sorts and learn from professionals the guiding principals that are foundational to positive, healthy, and lasting marriages. These retreats are as exciting and fun as they are impactful and rewarding. One participant of a recent Marriage Ministry Weekend Retreat writes:

“Our marriage was on the rocks for infidelity, and we had allowed our marriage to hit rock bottom due to neglect and lack of respect. We had spent thousands of dollars on therapy and our marriage had still not improved. Out of desperation to not destroy the lives of our 3 precious boys we came to the weekend. We went through a challenging weekend journey that taught us strategies to learn to forgive, to communicate and work on the hard stuff. We left the seminar with the grace of forgiveness. We walked away with a renewed commitment to Christ and our marriage.”

These weekend retreats are making a difference in the lives of thousands of couples who attend. It is no wonder that these retreats are endorsed by marriage expert, nationally syndicated radio personality, and President of Family Life®: Dennis Rainey.

The Total Marriage Ministry Package

Whether you need the occasional marriage maintenance ideas and can find what you need though our vast repository of insightful marriage articles, or the need for more intensive counseling, MarriageMinistry.Org is your best choice. Our dedication to helping marriages succeed is our life work. We believe that marriages are, indeed, the cornerstone of family and society. If we can influence and impact the lives of others by using our ministry to bless theirs, then our work is successful. Thank you for visiting It would be a blessing to us and others if you would share the site on your social networks.