Just Get Over It

Put The Past Behind: “Just Get Over It”

don't say just get over it“Just get over it! Forget about it okay! If you would just forget about what happened in the past, we could get on with our life.”

What this Simple Phrase can Imply

An important request, yet when spoken unproductively…in fact, spoken counter-productively can make matters worse.  Perhaps you have made a similar request to your spouse, for hurts and offenses in your marriage. But when we say, “Just get over it, what we are really saying is, “Let me off the hook.”  When we do that we are failing to really deal with the hurt we have inflicted upon our spouse. A better way of dealing with it that can truly improve your relationship would be to make a sincere apology, acknowledge your spouse’s hurt feelings, and ask for forgiveness. For example you might sit down with him or her and really reconnect with each other by dealing with the hurt by saying  something like this:

“I am sorry that I hurt you. How did that make you feel? Well I can understand how what I did would have caused you to feel….disappointed, upset, unloved, etc.  What I did was wrong. Will you forgive me?

Scripture: Therefore, confess your sins to one another, so that you may be healed. (James 5:16a).

Prayer: Father, please give me the grace to acknowledge how I hurt my mate, admit my wrong, and humbly ask for forgiveness. 

Do White Lies Have Anything to Do With My Marriage?

You might be surprised how often a lack of honesty is an issue in marriage counseling. In most troubled marriages dishonesty has become a major issue even though most couples don’t recognize it at first. Many people don’t realize how harmful even a little white lie can have on a marriage relationship. Little white lies have the potential to be harmful to a marriage relationship.

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