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Right now, you may feel like two people, too far apart, with too much damage done to save your marriage.  You owe it to yourselves, and possibly your children to give saving this marriage one more try. 

Like you, most couples who attend our marriage intensive retreat are in serious marital distress,  if not more so.  That's the very reason we exist; helping couples like you restore their marriages. Cornerstone's nationally recognized New Beginning Marriage Intensive Weekend has a proven, 87.3% success record in restoring distressed marriages. For almost 20 years, since 1999, with God's help, we've helped over 2500 couples turn their struggling marriages, into one that's loving and caring again.  Our New Beginning Program achieves in a 21-hour intensive weekend what normally takes 6 to 9 months to achieve in traditional, one-hour weekly counseling sessions.

That's why we believe there's HELP and HOPE  For Your Marriage

Why "Hour-a-Week" Counseling is Not Effective For Marriages in Crisis

If you had a serious medical condition that needed emergency attention, major surgery and intensive care, would your doctor do the surgery "an hour-a-week" - for a period 10-15-20 weeks until it was done?  Of course not - and that's why Cornerstone's  Christian Marriage Intensive Retreat is so effective. It allows for couples needing urgent care to heal their relationship over a three-day, intensive weekend. Once this "major surgery" has been accomplished, couples are able to achieve a thorough and speedier recovery… [Read More...]

What is A New Beginning, Marriage Intensive Retreat?

Cornerstone's nationally acclaimed non-traditional Christian marriage counseling retreat consists of a 3-day/2- with 23 hours of intensive marriage work, in a private, safe, supportive environment where a Biblical process for healing hurts, resolving conflicts and restoring trust is facilitated. Our accelerated process for restoring and enriching marital relationships begins beforehand with a Confidential Marital Assessment which allows couples the opportunity to express their needs, identify … [Read More...]

Marriages Saved

What A New Beginning Marriage Renewal Retreat is NOT

It is NOT a "cookie-cutter" DVD production that you watch at home alone, nor a mere lecture-type seminar where you sit with a big crowd of people, take a lot of notes and then go home and try to do the work of repairing your relationship all on your own. Perhaps you've tried these, and still not found answers?  Don't give up hope... We can assure you; here at Cornerstone through our process you'll find caring, distinctively Christian marriage counseling help that's practical, biblical, proven … [Read More...]

How Is Christian Marriage Counseling Different From Secular Marriage Counseling?

There is a world of difference between Christian Marriage Counseling and secular counseling. While secular  counseling can help to improve a marriage, authentic Christian Counseling provides the means for identifying, and addressing the core issues of the soul; mind, emotions, attitudes and behaviors.  Approaching marital problems from a Christian perspective enables couples to more accurately identify the issues and resolve  the underlying causes of their marital problems, heal emotional pain and make lasting behavioral changes.

Christian Marriage Counseling differentiates itself from secular,  humanistic counseling in several important ways. The primary difference with Christian Marriage Counseling is that it based upon timeless biblical principles as the final authority in matters pertaining to the life issues that individuals and couples face.  Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries is a Christian Marriage Counseling service which addresses individual and marital issues from a  istinctively Christian, biblical  worldview.

Traditional CounselingOne of the primary differences in Christian Counseling and secular (humanistic) counseling has to do with understanding how individuals are empowered to change their attitudes and behaviors. Secular therapy primarily regards the individual as being self-empowered to make the changes that they need to make. Christian Marriage Counseling, operates upon the foundation that the Holy Spirit works through both the counselor and the individual to facilitate changes that the individual needs to make. The changes that the individual is able to make are often more internally empowered and prevailing.

Understandably, it is up to the individual to make the decision to be willing to change. But once the decision to change is made, the individual has the Holy Spirit within them that prompts him or her to know what changes need to be made, and then guide and empower the change process. Some of both the Christian and secular methods of counseling  are similar, but often the activities suggested to the individual in Christian counseling will be associated with the individuals  spiritual development and their relationship with God and others.

Another fundamental  difference between secular and Christian counseling is that Christian counseling is Biblically-based. It draws its primary  understanding of who man is, the nature, sources and causes of his problems, and how to resolve them from the Biblical foundations and also from behavioral and psychological research that is compatible with Scripture. Christian counseling recognizes that man’s nature is inclined towards sin, pride and selfishness, and that it is this inclination that impacts his thinking, emotions and behaviors.

As sin impacts the mind, emotions and will of the individual in these areas, problems develop within the person’s life. Christian counseling recognizes that these difficulties can only be worked through by the motivational and guiding influence of the Holy Spirit.  Christian counseling seeks to help facilitate this process. Through the guidance of a Christian counselor, and the willingness of the counselee, Christ is at work through the counselor and the counselee to bring thoughts, emotions and behaviors into alignment with how God desires us to feel, think and act.

Cornerstone's team of counselors share in the value of helping couples with through unresolved conflicts, personality and gender differences, lack of closeness or intimacy, unmet emotional needs, angry outbursts and stress from a Biblical and Spirit=led approach. These problems if not recognized and dealt with can often create marital dissatisfaction that end up becoming the roots that result in major marital issues such as addictions, anger management, depression and infidelity.

At the root of many peoples unwillingness to seek marital problems is pride. We often believe we can solve our own problems. This can lead to the demise of a an individual and a marriage, especially when one spouse recognizes a need for help and the other refuses. Scripture tells us to examine ourselves (2 Corinthians 13:5). This include our marriages. When marital problems are not recognized and dealt with, they represent a potentially crushing threat to the marriage.

Christian Marriage Counseling Is Effective Crisis Prevention

Christian marriage counseling helps us refocus on our priorities. It's easy for us to get distracted and lose sight of what and who is important. In addition to helping us find solutions to problems and issues, Christian counseling can provide marital and relationship-building techniques. By offering precepts from God's Word, good Christian marriage counseling can help quench the "viruses" that affect and harm our relationships.

Our approach to marriage counseling is founded on Biblical principles related to Christ’s Commandment to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself,” (Matthew 22:37). Our approach to marriage counseling is based on the belief that in marriage, the inability one or both spouses have healthy relationships with God is what leads to the causation of each spouses’ individual and the relationship problems with each other.

Our approach is grounded also upon a similar belief that the greatest human need is love. God designed us for love. He designed marriage so that each spouse could be both a recipient of love and a channel of love through which that love could flow to the other. We can best love our spouse by first experiencing God’s love through an ongoing personal, intimate connection with Jesus Christ.

As we experience the love of our Creator God and His truth, we can then be empowered to work through the relational blockages in our lives wherein growth and lasting change can occur. It is a biblical, therapeutic approach is rooted in the belief that God’s Spirit can minister in and through a caring, relational experience between spouse’s that results in an in-depth, accelerated healing experience.

Cornerstone's counseling model operates under the biblical understanding that individuals, couples, and families can experience healing within themselves and in their relationship to each other. Then they can become empowered to engage in the process of building and sustaining a happy, healthy marriage. Over the past 25 years, we have been blessed to be used of God to apply these Christian, biblical principles in our work to enable thousands of couples to experience and sustain caring, intimate and fulfilling relationships, while helping them grow in in an experience of wholeness within themselves.

We believe that effective Christian counseling reassures us that God cares and that He desires to be a central part of our lives and marriages. An authentic Christian marriage counselor shares and encourage these precepts.

How Even Christian Marriage Counseling Can Be Detrimental to a Marriage

Unfortunately, we're not just born with the relationship skills and know-how to create a healthy, happy marriage. Relationship skills are learned, and most of the time the people we learned them from were usually our parents, who were likely lacking too. Consequently, along the way, most of us have have picked up some dysfunctional ways of relating that have become obstacles to building the healthy relationships we'd like to have. That is why marriage counseling can be effective and helpful- although, as you will see, marriage counseling is not effective for all marital situations. In fact for some, it can prove to be very detrimental.

For a couple to develop and sustain a healthy, happy marriage requires at least three tasks: (1) That a couple knows what a healthy marriage looks like, (2) That they possess the key skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to attain to it, and (3) That a couple identifies and deals with obstacles that may be blocking them from achieving the healthy, happy relationship they desire. Fortunately these three tasks are learnable. Particularly Christian marriage counseling has been effective in helping couples achieve success in these areas. Yet there are many otherwise knowledgeable husbands and wives who go their entire lives without ever realizing this.

Like most people they develop dysfunctional strategies to cope with the dysfunctional behaviors of others, but they never learn how to overcome the unproductive attitudes and unhealthy behaviors within themselves that lead to unhappy, unhealthy marriages. They fail to learn and grow through the pain in their marriages, and so are never able to create the kind of healthy, satisfying relationships they really want. Many know they want something different in their marriage, but just don't know what is, and whether or not it's achievable, and if it is achievable - HOW to go about achieving it (which I'll talk more about later).

Studies show that marital counseling can be effective for a variety of people and marital conditions. Yet, in my 21 years of marriage counseling, I have discovered that counseling with couples in distressed or crisis marriages on a week-by-week, hourly basis is usually proven to be ineffective. Why?

Because couples in distressed marriages,who are in a crisis, have likely experienced more significant, painful, frequent or repeated hurts, are experiencing high thresholds of pain, and have usually waited too long to seek marriage counseling. When one or both spouses in a distressed marriage reaches a critical pain threshold in the marriage, the relationship becomes essentially deadlocked in a state of anger, withdrawal, broken communication, conflict, diminished affection and eventually a loss of hope. In this condition of emergency, much more intensive care is needed as quickly as possible.

loveless marriageAttempting to restore a distressed or crisis marriage in one-hour, weekly marriage counseling sessions is ineffective because most more complex marital issues cannot be resolved in a one-hour counseling session. In one-hour sessions, often by the time the couple gets the issue on the table and start to get to the root of an issue-time has usually run out. As a result, couples often end up opening old wounds and then leaving a weekly one-hour session incomplete- even discouraged and feeling more hopeless than before.

This is why it is so important to carefully consider the condition of your marriage before doing something that could be less effective, often more costly and lengthy, and yet can make things worse. If a couple's marriage is indeed in a crisis, serious, or critical condition we recommend they participate in our weekend (23 hour) Marriage Counseling Intensive Retreat. This is one reason we offer couples ( or either the husband or wife) a FREE 30 minute tele-counseling session to help them determine their marital restoration needs and what might work best for them.

However, hourly counseling can be effective for couples in less problematic marital situations. Competent Christian marriage counseling, done with couples who has not waited too long before seeking help, can through consistent weekly, hourly counseling sessions develop the necessary skills and knowledge, overcome obstacles, and achieve a healthy marriage.

Through a goal-drive process, we as Christian marriage counselors here at Cornerstone, can and do help couples who are facing less difficult issues to re-focus their marriage and develop the attitudes and skills to achieve a healthy marriage. This kind of Christian counseling expertise we offer couples ensures a goal-driven process that can produces these kinds of results.

Convenient Tele-Counseling

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Much like regular counseling consultations, Christian marriage counseling via tele-counseling occurs over the phone at a scheduled time and usually lasts for 1 hour. You and one of our Christian marriage counselors schedules a phone consultation typically each week. You call in at a prearranged time and the counseis ready and prepared to take your call. You share openly and honestly, and the coach supports you in reaching your goals for your marriage & family.

It's simple. It's convenient. It's confidential.Working with a Christian marriage counselor may help you resolve issues more quickly, avoid the mistakes others make on their own, boost your self-esteem, make you feel better and help you get the life and love relationship you truly want.

Email Counseling Support: Some find it helpful to have contact during the week via email. A question or event might emerge where you want to discuss the event or want immediate feedback. Others find email a better way to express themselves and communicate.
Counseling support E-mails are responded to usually within 24 hours. You may choose a counseling package with or without email support.

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