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About Us

Our Mission

We desire to see marriages that are strained and hurting brought back to a place of health, intimacy, love, and trust. We seek to help couples restore and strengthen their marriages and build their marriages and families according to the timeless truths of Jesus Christ and the Bible, as well as the latest research on marital relationships today.   We seek to make our services available to all who desire to restore and strengthen their marriages for each other and for future generations.

Our Vision

We envision husbands and wives and families all across our Nation who were once hurting, broken-hearted, and discouraged being healed, restored and strengthened in their marriages,  and equipped to relate to each other more happily, lovingly and intimately in accordance with God's plan for marriage. We see couples  being transformed by God's Spirit, love and truth,  strengthened in their faith; growing closer to God and each other.

Our Strategy

Building strong, godly marriages, in three key ways:

1. Healing hurting marriages- Marriage intensive, weekend retreats, counseling and online programs focused on dealing with spiritual, interpersonal and relational issues, with a four-session follow up program.

2. Equipping leadership and mentoring couples- through weekend marriage retreats aimed at equipping leaders for ministry so that they can reach out to others and lead marriage and family ministry in their churches & communities.

Non-Profit Status and Financial Policies

Cornerstone is headquartered in Cypress, Texas (near Houston).  The organization is  conducts services at various venues throughout the country. The organization is operates with an independent Board of Directors responsible for ministry oversight and accountability, Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries operates as an IRS approved, Tax-exempt, 501c3 Non-Profit organization that provides marriage counseling, marriage coaching and marriage restoration intensive weekend programs to people of all faiths, regardless of their ability to pay.

Cornerstone conducts marriage counseling and marriage restoration weekends across the US, ( offering  both in-person and online services). We operate in five satellite locations including: Houston, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Safety Harbor, Florida. Colorado Springs Colorado and Cleveland, Ohio.

Couples from 43 different states have participated in one or more of the various aspects of services which Cornerstone offers.This is accomplished through the generosity of our donors and by our offering Financial Assistance to those who would not otherwise be able to participate our programs.  Additional funding is provided by participants who can afford to pay/donate registration fees for services rendered.

Cornerstone employs approximately 12 employees and contractors.  Importantly the organization offers services to all couples who want and need help, regardless of their ability to pay.  How?  The organization is fortunate to be supported by the generosity of donors, some of whom have been participants  in our programs, and others who  who have not.  Many of the organization's financial partners donate full or a partial amount of our suggested fees for services rendered, (a "Registration Fee"). This also enables us to provide financial assistance to many who otherwise could not afford to participate in a marriage restoration program or in marriage counseling. For more information about the sources and utilization of Cornerstone's operating expenses and funds, feel free to visit us at Guidestar.


Who We Are 

Roy and Sue Milam

Roy & Sue Milam

Cornerstone was founded by Roy & Sue Milam in 1992, a husband-and-wife team, married for 31 years are co-founders of Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries. Serving together as co-directors of the ministry since 1992, Roy & Sue share a passion for restoring marriages and helping couples build strong marriages and family relationships. Roy Milam, MA, Marriage and Family Pastoral Counselor, Marriage Educator, Author, Speaker, Radio & Television Talk Show Guest, and President of Cornerstone, is an Ordained Minister with over 25 years of combined pastoral ministry, marriage counseling,  coaching, and training experience.

With a passion for helping couples overcome the challenges that adversely affect their marriages, whether it's infidelity issues, unresolved conflict, anger management or dealing with the stress and pressures of life, the Milams work with couples to help them remove barriers to love, intimacy and freedom, and experience happiness in their marriage.

A licensed and ordained minister, member of the Association of Marriage & Family Ministries and the American Association of Christian Counselors, and the Christian Counselors of Texas, Mr. Milam does not practice as a therapist and does not diagnose mental illnesses or disorders, nor provide treatment for the same. He holds his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Biblical Studies, from The University of Corpus Christi. He is author of  "The Truth About Divorce,"  "Ten Steps to Revitalize Your Marriage," and "Establishing A Vision for Your Marriage & Family," Roy & Sue have facilitated marriage intensive retreats, seminars and workshops throughout the U.S. and helped thousands of couples re-discover the love, friendship and marriage they've longed for.




A Personal Word From Roy & Sue to You...

After we met and started dating, Sue and I soon discovered that we were just not happy when we weren’t  spending time together.  When we weren’t together we missed each other. We wanted to be together all the time.

Although there were a lot of things about getting married that I was apprehensive about, I eventually came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t want to live the rest of my life without her.  I realized that living life without her would be a terrible mistake, and so asked her to marry me. Thirty-one years and three children later, we still enjoy one another and can't imagine what life would be like without each other.

After all these years together, through good times and also through some tough, hard times, in spite of all the challenges and difficulties we still find ourselves attracted to each other; in love with one another. We still enjoy each other's company immensely and consider each other as "best friends."  Don't get me wrong, there are still those days...and sometimes weeks when it seems neither of us likes each other very much, and we still have those times disappointment or disagreement when we have to buckle down and work to get through. Like most every other couple we know, we've had some serious blips in our relationship that, quite frankly, each of us wondered if we'd ever make it through. Yet still, after all these years, by the grace of God, some hard work and learning timeless truths and tools,  we are still in love, still drawn toward each other, enjoy being together, and spending time together.

Certainly we have our differences. And there are  times when we grate on each other’s nerves, when we let each other down, disappoint each other, and have serious conflicts.  But in spite of the challenges we still truly enjoy one another.  We still have a deep and growing sense of love, intimacy and enjoyment in being together.  And we (most of the time) even still miss each other when we’re not together.

But honestly, the reason that we’re still in love and have a growing marriage today, is not because we are two people who are so compatible, or easy to get along with.  The reason we are still in love with each other today, and have a strong,  growing marriage is because along the way,  we have made some crucial discoveries about,  discoveries God’s plan for marriage. We have also sought to discover and develop practical skills and tools that have helped us not only to grow in our understanding of each other, but also to resolve conflicts, meet each other's needs and solve problems in healthy ways. .

We have also made serious efforts to implement these gems and utilize these tools on a day-to-day basis.  We’ve made some crucial discoveries about marriage- especially the vital connection between love and intimacy, and what it takes to stay in love and stay connected.  We have deliberately done what it takes to stay in love, stay emotionally connected, and to deal with difficult issues as they occur so that our intimacy and our relationship keeps on growing. That is what we seek to offer you.

Roy & Sue Milam, Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries

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