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Can a Marriage Intensive Weekend Really Make a Difference?

making a difference at a marriage intensive weekend


Testimony of Jennifer R.

A New Beginning, Dallas, TX

August 11-13, 2017

I won’t go into great detail but I owe this testimony to God, praying friends and an amazing weekend at Cornerstone Marriage Ministries’ intensive marriage retreat called “A New Beginning”. The past 5 years have been an emotional roller coaster that led us down many dead end paths with enormous amounts of hurt. Two weeks ago we were calling it quits. The hurt and walls were just too big and the battles were becoming never ending wars. Any form of positive communication was gone. We were hurting each other, our kids and family. It seemed time to call it quits. Frank was looking for a place to move to and we had begun discussing dividing everything…including time with our sweet boy.

I prayed for God’s strength and a way to get through another divorce. I was looking for a Christian retreat when Cornerstone came across my screen. The marriage intensive weekend was in 4 days in Dallas. I first thought….well what can we lose and it’s cheaper than a divorce. Then I thought….what if it gave us back everything we had in the beginning plus more. I prayed with a very dear friend for guidance. I then asked Frank if he would go. He agreed. Then I prayed there was still availability. At first it wouldn’t let me pay. I figured it was full and I was devastated. My friend and I again prayed. I tried again an hour later…the payment went through. I began to sob. HOPE!

As we traveled to Dallas, I prayed for both of us to open our hearts to God’s will. I cannot explain our weekend but God was with us. The walls came down, good communication began to flow. We learned ways to deal with our past pain and be able to move forward with healing. Plus we learned the techniques needed to deal with future hurts without sweeping them under that giant rug so that we never have to deal with so much at once. Years of counseling never dealt with this pain. One past counselor told me that it wasn’t a matter of “if” we would divorce but “when!” Hope had been lost and we only existed in a marriage, until things finally blew up so much it seemed irreparable.

The retreat last weekend was life changing for us and the other 29 couples there with us. We did a complete turn around. We recommitted to our marriage and our walk with God. Every morning has now started with our devotional, praying together and lots of positive communication. Every night has ended by reading together about ways to improve our marriage. I never dreamed this was possible in a weekend. I owe it to God…not just by opening this door and our hearts, but by teaching this ministry a way to show other couples how to communicate effectively, heal from the past and move forward to a healthier relationship together and with others.

We still have healing to do with family but I believe with what we have learned and us walking the walk, the needed repairs will come and our family will be healthier than ever before. Thank you God! With YOU all things are possible!

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