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A Premier, All-Inclusive Retreat at The Castle at Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs

You’ll Be Treated Like Royalty at the Spectacular Glen Eyrie Castle Retreat & Conference Center

July 13-15, 2018

A premier, all-inclusive Marriage Retreat at the at Glen Eyrie Retreat & Conference  Center near Colorado Springs includes program, materials, a premier room and gourmet meals for two in the Castle. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, tucked away on 800 gorgeous acres is a beautiful retreat and conference center, ideally suited for a Marriage Renewal Retreat. With stately pines, whispering aspen, lush lawns, sparkling waterfalls and majestic sandstone rock faces, the air is alive with the sound of birdsong and breeze through the trees- often the only sounds of a Glen Eyrie afternoon.


A Weekend To Renew Your Marriage and Make It Loving Again!

Every year, since 2001, hundreds of couples come from all across the nation to attend one of our New Beginning, Marriage Renewal Retreats offered at various locations around the country. Why? Because Cornerstone’s nationally renown New Beginning, Marriage Renewal Retreat offers a proven, effective alternative to traditional, long-term marriage counseling.

How? Over the course of a three-phase, closely guided intensive weekend, our team of marriage counselors, coaches and facilitators walk you and your spouse on a practical “step-by-step” journey utilizing therapeutic, timeless principles, applications and exercises which reveal the hidden barriers that have been harmful to your spouse and your marriage, and have kept your marriage from thriving.

Our program starts before you arrive for the weekend intensive. When you register for the retreat, we ask you and your spouse to each complete a couple’s “Confidential Marital Relationship Assessment” which gives us each spouse’s perspective of their presenting issues. This helps our team of counselors better understand what the focus of the weekend will be in working with you. Then, starting with our first session on Friday evening we begin the retreat by laying the foundation needed to embark upon a weekend journey which is an intensive one, yet which promises to be a very rewarding one.

On day two we begin walking you carefully, step by step through each aspect of a healing process crucial in helping you as a couple achieve a deep level of healing in your hearts and souls, from the least to the most painful of past events in your marriage. Accomplishing this crucial step enables you to then be able to work together with less tension and a greater sense peace and unity. We then guide you through the process of re-establishing your emotional connection as a couple, addressing unresolved issues, using practical tools to rebuild communication, empathy, closeness, and friendship. By the end of the retreat, most couples have experienced major healing in their relationships and have started to become much more secure and connected in their relationships.

Lastly, in phase three, we assist you in developing a personalized plan for making attitude and behavioral life changes, and equipping you with tools to take those crucial next steps that will lead to a healthier, happier marriage going forward. Our after-care program is strategically designed to support the major changes, experiences and skills developed from the the weekend.


We’ve had great success in restoring marriages that have been pulled apart by stress and pressures, conflict and communication difficulties, marriages struggling from a trauma or other major hurts such as an affair, conflict, emotional issues, career or mid-life crisis, or even couples who are separated, or trying to decide whether to stay together. In fact, many of the couples are there due the pain and hopelessness of an affair or other crisis. Based on leading marital research, timeless biblical principles, and our more than 21 years of experience working with thousands of distressed marriages, this high-impact, intensive weekend can change your life, turn your marriage around, and put you on the path to life long love.

Restore…Reconnect….Rediscover more love than you ever thought possible!

Space is Limited.

Early Registration: $1,995

Regular Registration: $2,095

Early Registration Ends June 22, 2018  

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A Historic Castle is the Centerpiece of Glen Eyrie

The moment you enter the gate to the enchanting Glen Eyrie Retreat Center and Castle, you’ll step back in time and enjoy a wonderful get-away from the hectic pressures of daily life.

The perfect mix of beauty, history, modern amenities and gorgeous Rocky Mountain scenery -all make for a marriage retreat that promises to be simply unforgettable.

Take in the scenic views of outdoor spaces and beautiful nature to grassy lawns from the Castle’s grand terrace. Enjoy a panoramic view from a mountainside trail or sit under a shade-tree while watching the Bighorn sheep graze.Between scheduled activities, relax on the Castle terrace. Within Glen Eyrie there is a feeling of total serenity. With delicious gourmet meals provided, coffee shop and sundries store available on-site at the Carriage House, you’ll likely feel no desire to leave until the Retreat is over- all too soon.

Why the Traditional “hour-a-week” counseling approach is Ineffective for Struggling Marriages…

Trying to heal a marriage in 1-hour, weekly counseling sessions is ineffective because most issues can’t be resolved in a 1-hour counseling session. If you had a serious medical condition and needed surgery, would your doctor do the surgery “an hour a week” for 20-30 weeks? Of course not – and that’s why Cornerstone’s intensive, marriage counseling retreat is so effective. It allows for couples needing urgent care to experience deep healing in their relationship over a 3-day, 22-hour marriage intensive weekend. Once this “major surgery” has been accomplished, couples are able to achieve a thorough and speedier recovery in their marriage.

In a 1-hour session, often by the time the couple gets to the root of an issue–it’s time to end the session. Consequently, couples often end up just opening up old wounds and then leaving discouraged, feeling more frustrated and hopeless than before. Yet, over 4 of 5 couples (86% of couples) who come to our Marriage Counseling Retreats leave re-committed to their marriage,” including even those where there’s been infidelity, separation and in many cases a pending divorce.

Cornerstone’s nationally acclaimed marriage counseling retreat consists of a 3-day, 2-night, marriage intensive weekend, along with an optional series of 4 post-weekend, after-care sessions and optional private tele-coaching sessions. The program, developed  over 21 years of experience in working with distressed marriages offers an effective proven alternative to traditional marriage counseling.

During the weekend, our team of trained facilitators, coaches and counselors walk you through a guided process including assessments, exercises and activities designed to reveal the hidden barriers that have been keeping your marriage from thriving. You and your spouse will be challenged and empowered to take an honest look at yourself and your marriage, deal with relevant issues in your relationship and rediscover the experience of love in your marriage.

You will be equipped with and practice new ways of communicating, resolving conflicts and make remedial changes by using time-tested tools to put the past behind, re-connect with each other, and rebuild a better, more caring, lasting marriage.

An All-Inclusive Marriage Renewal Experience – Registration includes a premier room in the castle, gourmet meals for two, program materials and nine marriage intensive sessions.

Early Registration $1995

Early registration deadline, June 15, 2018

Regular Registration $2095

Space Limited


Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with all details. We hope you will join us. We look forward to serving you.


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Anonymous 2

The marriage retreat that we attended by Cornerstone at a time of need was truly a amazing experience. It reassured us that we had to put the Lord first to insure our marriage would survive. “I can do all thing through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13” The program that was put on by Roy… Read more “Anonymous 2”

Audrey M.

“Without a doubt, this weekend saved my marriage. In fact, it saved my life. After 27 years of marriage, I was ready to quit. I was not sure I even wanted to go to the weekend retreat. Praise God that I did. We had been hurting each other for so many years and had no… Read more “Audrey M.”

Rhonda A.

“About two years into our marriage my husband and I were talking about divorce. The tension and upset got so bad that we could hardly stand sleeping next to each other and nearly every comment either of us would make was taken wrongly by the other. It was utter agony because I loved him very… Read more “Rhonda A.”

Anonymous 5

“This was our ‘Miracle Weekend.’ Experiencing the biblical steps to truly forgive my husband and let go was amazing. I’ve opened up to hearing and accepting what God wants to change in me. Prior to the weekend I didn’t believe I was critical or unforgiving, but I saw how I have been both – I… Read more “Anonymous 5”

Katie M.

Lack of communication caused built up resentments which led to anger and eventually the breakdown of our marriage. My husband began to do drugs to cope, and I began to drink. Our teenage daughter was desperately trying to escape our wrecked family. On a Sunday, after 15 years of marriage I told my husband I… Read more “Katie M.”

Mark K.

We had experienced many terrible hurts in our 19 years of marriage. I had severely neglected and mistreated my wife and she had ended up in an affair. Our marriage was filled with anger, distrust, and bitterness. There was no love, affection or closeness between us and were no longer soul mates we had once… Read more “Mark K.”


“The weekend was incredible! After 18 years of marriage and with two children our marriage was in shambles. Unresolved issues and painful events of the past had eroded our relationship to a point of despair We were disconnected and disgruntled, basically just coexisting under the same roof with little or no intimacy, just surviving, living… Read more “C.K.”

Amazing Testimonies of Marriages Saved

News Report:   54 Children 32 Adults Saved Imminent Distress of Family Breakdown Locations: Dallas, Texas  & Indianapolis, Indiana A New Beginning, Marriage Renewal Retreat Date:  April 1-3 2016  &  April 29-May 1, 2016,     Before this weekend my marriage was full of anger, resentment and little hope. The projects on confession and forgiveness… Read more “Amazing Testimonies of Marriages Saved”

Anonymous 8

“Our marriage was on the rocks for infidelity, and we had allowed our marriage to hit rock bottom due to neglect and lack of respect. We had spent thousands of dollars on therapy and our marriage had still not improved. Out of desperation to not destroy the lives of our 3 precious boys we came… Read more “Anonymous 8”

Anonymous 3

“This weekend was the best decision my husband and I ever made. Recovering from an affair was something I wasn’t sure was possible, considering all the marital issues we had before it. This weekend gave me the power to forgive my spouse. I have totally recommitted my life to God as well. My husband and… Read more “Anonymous 3”

Anonymous 1

“Our relationship had become cold and we barely communicated with each other anymore. I learned how to better meet my wife’s needs. I realized that I need to follow God’s plan. I surrendered my life to Jesus. Now I want to be the spiritual leader in my home. Thank you so much. Your ministry saved… Read more “Anonymous 1”

Enrica K.

My husband and I had been separated for two months when he asked me to go with him to this retreat. We had tried a couple of counseling sessions during the time of our separation, but we had not felt comfortable at all, and achieved nothing. We live in New York City, and I thought… Read more “Enrica K.”


“We came here threadbare… honestly believing divorce was an eventual reality for us. We both dreaded it; but knew it was almost 100% assured. The conference was like spiritual surgery. Words can’t describe the transformative experience my wife and I had. We left with a renewed commitment to marriage. Thank you for such a comprehensive,… Read more “J.A.”

Larry K.

“In the middle of a nasty divorce, 33 weeks pregnant, with a 2-year old at home, we were given the tools to restore a marriage that had become so miserable and full of hate and resentment that I was willing to do anything, just so I could tell my kids someday that I tried everything… Read more “Larry K.”

Anonymous 6

“Thank you for your ministry and for giving us hope and “how to’s” and thank you for helping me realize that divorce is not the answer. I looked at my kids today and cried with gratitude that they got back the Daddy they have always loved.”

Denny Dillon

We recently hosted “Keeping Love Alive,” a marriage enrichment seminar presented by Roy and Sue Milam of Cornerstone Marriage and Family Ministries. Roy and Sue’s practical insights and transparency had a profound effect on our couples. They spoke from a wealth of understanding and personal experience that hit the issues our couples were facing head-on.… Read more “Denny Dillon”

Ashley S.

“This weekend was the best decision my husband and I ever made. Recovering from an affair was something I wasn’t sure was possible, considering all the marital issues we had before it. This weekend gave me the power to forgive my spouse. I have totally recommitted my life to God as well. My husband and… Read more “Ashley S.”

Anonymous 9

“God is so good! He is working in our marriage and we are seeing a remarkable difference. I know now, beyond any doubt that I am blessed with such a wonderful wife. Our relationship has been so much better and we’re much closer than in the past. Last week we had a wonderful anniversary celebration.… Read more “Anonymous 9”

Barbara A.

“Before the the Marriage Renewal Weekend I was absolutely sure I wanted out of my marriage! I would find myself thinking about things I would do and how my life would be without my husband. The weekend for us was nothing short of miraculous. I feel now that I can communicate my true feelings to… Read more “Barbara A.”

Angie O.

“After 18 years of marriage, my husband and I had so many walls built up between us that we weren’t sure if our marriage would survive. This gave us the opportunity to break those walls down in a constructive way. We can now start fresh in our marriage and experience the fullness of God intended.… Read more “Angie O.”

First-Hand Accounts From Those Rescued

We were on the road to a possible divorce. It was a marriage that was complacent, unloving and uncaring. We had been unable unable to work out issues, and we had definitely lost that “loving feeling”. Growing up in  church, with a strong faith in God, I never thought I needed marriage counseling. This was… Read more “First-Hand Accounts From Those Rescued”

Steve Wriggle

“Roy and Sue Milam of Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries faithfully served at Grace Community Church for ten years. They developed and implemented a marriage and family ministry at our church and organized a team of individuals to support and carry out the work. Roy and Sue conducted ongoing marriage skill classes and worked with… Read more “Steve Wriggle”

Grace Community

Linda W.

Our Marriage Renewal Weekend with Cornerstone was the best thing that ever happened to us and our marriage. We had been to counseling two different times, but what we learned on our weekend greatly surpassed all of it. The weekend saved our marriage. We now have tools to help us through struggles and trials we… Read more “Linda W.”

Anonymous 7

“Before we came to the marriage renewal weekend we were distant, cold, and angry with each other. Our only communication was arguing. Our marriage was so bad that we didn’t say a word to each other on the way to the retreat. But this was the shot in the arm our marriage so desperately needed.… Read more “Anonymous 7”

David B.

I was unfaithful to my wife, and it destroyed my marriage. The marriage retreat weekend was the last resort for us, but we both decided to let God decide what He wanted us to do after this retreat. Before coming to the retreat, divorce was our only option, but not anymore. I have a lot… Read more “David B.”

James A.

“Our marriage was all but over. We were separated for 7 months. Toxins had invaded all parts of our once- Sacred partnership. But a miracle of God happened this weekend– I’ve been saved on so many levels – my life, my marriage, my salvation— I owe it to Jesus. He brought us here (over 1200… Read more “James A.”

News Report: 54 Children & 36 Adults Saved From Impending Collapse Location: Dallas, Texas Event: A New Beginning, Marriage Renewal Retreat Date: June 24-26, 2016 First-Hand Accounts From Those Rescued “My wife and I had hardly spoken in months. The projects and counseling helped us get back to a point where we are now communicating… Read more “”

Jared S.

“We’ve been married 8 years. If you’d asked me a week ago, “Where do you see yourself in a week?” I would have said, “In a very nasty divorce ruining the lives of our two beautiful children” Instead, I will be able to share with friends and family this amazing weekend and this amazing journey… Read more “Jared S.”

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