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If You're Struggling in Your Marriage You've Come to The Right Place

Right now, you may feel like two people, too far apart, with too much damage done to save your marriage. You owe it to yourselves, and possibly your children to give saving this marriage one more try by attending one of our christian marriage counseling intensive retreats.

Like you, most couples who attend our marriage counseling intensive retreats are in serious marital distress. That's the very reason we exist - to help couples like you restore their marriages. Cornerstone's nationally recognized "A New Beginning" Marriage Intensive Counseling program has a proven, 87.3% success rate in restoring distressed marriages.

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The marriage counseling provided by the Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries utilizes a format we call Marriage Intensives. These programs are all extended periods of counseling over a full weekend. This intensive approach allows us and our team of marriage counselors to work with you to get to the root of the problem and deal with the hurt and pain caused by it.

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What Is a Marriage Counseling Intensive?

Our unique Christian marriage counseling weekend provides a more accelerated process which involves no uncomfortable group counseling. Our program begins beforehand with a Confidential Marital Assessment which allows couples the opportunity to express their needs, identify… [Read More]

Different Help for Different Problems

Marital problems can range from minor to serious or to crisis-level, with each requiring a different kind of help. Help is available for all levels of marital problems, and it's important to understand that regardless of what kinds of problems a couple may be having, that help is available at all levels. Even the most seemingly hopeless of situations can be turned around for the better. To understand how wide-ranging marital difficulties can be, let's look at Jan & David's marital situation..


David and Jan have been married for 12 years and have 3 children. They sometimes disagree about how to discipline their kids. They also find themselves arguing more frequently about finances and aren't communicating like they used to.  Date nights have been waning lately and have been few and far between. They used to  enjoy being together and having fun whenever they had time to be together. But with all the demands of children and finances, they were spending less time together.

They recently came to the realization that they need to refresh their marriage. After examining several options, some of which were very costly, they decided to talk to their Pastor about what might be some good options.  After the New Beginning Retreat  they began to find success implementing the tools they had utilized and developed while in the New Beginning Weekend and the 4-week follow-up program.

Amazing Testimony, A New Beginning Marriage Renewal Weekend

Why Traditional Weekly Marriage Counseling is Ineffective For Marriages in Crisis

Suppose someone had a critical medical condition that would require 5-6 hours of major surgery and another 5-6 weeks for recovery.  Would a doctor recommend that they come to into her office for an hour, “once-a-week,” for 10-12  weeks until the surgery and recovery time was completed. Why Of course not! 

Why? Because, when someone is in critical condition, time is of the essence! Proper, intensive care would be needed so that you can get the immediate attention and care that you need in order to heal.  You would have a speedier recovery before the condition worsened. Traditional weekly marriage counseling often proves frustrating and insufficient for couples and therapists  alike, as much work is typically  required to resolve deep-seeded issues

It's the same with marriages. If there's been a breakdown, whether due to a slow-deteriorating condition, a long-term disorder, or a serious marital crisis, then time truly is of the essence. Immediate care can help you avoid further damage or even worse, a marital breakdown. Intensive care provides immediate, uninterrupted care that can help a couple achieve speedier recovery. It allows you concentrated time so that you can progress more rapidly than in weekly counseling

That's why Cornerstone's Christian Marriage Counseling Intensive is so effective. It provides "intensive care" for hurting marriages and allows couples needing urgent care to get the "major surgery" they need and deal with the painful issues to get the "major surgery" done.  Once this "major surgery" has been accomplished, couples are able to achieve a more thorough and speedy recovery over a 2-night/3-day, Marriage Intensive Weekend. [Read More...]

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What a Marriage Intensive Counseling Retreat is NOT

It is NOT the mere "cookie-cutter" lecture-type marriage seminar, nor a "Do it Yourself" DVD production that you watch at home. Neither is it a large conference-type program where you sit all weekend with a big crowd of hundreds of people, take a lot of notes and then go home and try to do the work of repairing your relationship all on your own.

Perhaps you've tried these, and still not found answers?  Don't give up hope. We can assure you, through Cornerstone's process you'll find caring, Christian marriage counseling that's practical, biblical, and effective with an 87.3% success rate.  [Read More...]

Based On Timeless Principles and Leading Research on Marital Relationships Today

For almost 25 years, since 1994, our team of credentialed, caring Christian Marriage Counselors have helped over 3500 couples turn their struggling marriages into one that's loving, caring and intimate again. With an 87.3% success rate, distinctively Christian marriage intensive achieves in a 21-hours intensive, what commonly takes 6 to 9 months to achieve in traditional, weekly and group counseling sessions. By the grace of God more than 6,000 children have been spared a broken home through the miracle of restoration and transformation possible only through the Holy Spirit.

Building Healthy Happy Marriages

Unfortunately, we're not born with the relationship skills and know-how to create a healthy, happy marriage. Relationship skills are learned, and most of the time the people we learned them from were usually our parents, who were likely lacking relationship skills too. Consequently, along the way, most of us have have picked up some dysfunctional ways of relating that have become obstacles to building the healthy relationships we'd like to have. That is why some Christian marriage counseling can be ineffective for some situations and good for others. Although, as you will see, marriage counseling is not effective for all marital situations. In fact, you'll see how for some, it can prove to be very detrimental.


Developing and sustaining a healthy, happy marriage requires at least three tasks:

(1) That a couple knows what a healthy marriage looks like; (2) That they possess the key skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to attain to it; and (3) That a couple identifies and deals with obstacles that may be blocking them from achieving the healthy, happy relationship they desire.

Fortunately these three tasks are teachable. Christian marriage counseling has proven effective in helping couples achieve success in these areas. Yet, there are many husbands and wives who go their entire lives without ever realizing this.

Like many, they never learn how to overcome the unproductive attitudes and unhealthy behaviors within themselves that lead to mediocre relationships and unhealthy marriages. Many know they want something different in their marriage, but just don't know what it is, whether or not it's achievable, and if so - HOW to go about achieving it.