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Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries is a non-denominational , Christian marriage counseling ministry founded by Roy & Sue Milam in 1992. The ministry is headquartered in Cypress, Texas (near Houston). The ministry exists to save and strengthen marriages, and equip couples to build their lives, marriages and families on a solid foundation.
Directed by an independent Board of Directors responsible for ministry oversight and accountability, Cornerstone operates as an IRS approved, Tax-exempt, non-profit organization that provides affordable, coaching, and marriage education services to the public in an ecumenical setting.  The success of the ministry is entirely attributed to Christ's leadership, power, and wisdom.
Roy & Sue Milam...
a husband-and-wife team, married for 25 years are co-founders of Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries. Serving together as co-directors of the ministry for 18 years, Roy & Sue share a passion for saving marriages and for helping couples build strong marriages and families. Roy Milam, MA, Marriage and Family - Pastoral Care Counselor, Marriage Educator, Author and Speaker,Radio & Television Talk Show Guest,and President of Cornerstone, is an Ordained Minister with over 25 years of combined pastoral ministry, marriage counseling, coaching and training and development experience.

 With a passion for helping couples overcome the challenges that adversely affect their marriages, whether it's infidelity issues, unresolved conflict, or the stress and pressures of life, Mr Milam works with couples to help them remove barriers to freedom and joy in their marriage. A licensed and ordained minister, member of the Association of Marriage & Family Ministries and theAmerican Association of Christian Counseling, Mr Milam does not practice as a therapist and does not diagnose mental illnesses or disorders, nor provide treatment for the same. He holds his undergraduate degree in Religion and Biblical Studies from the University Author of The Truth About Divorce,"Ten Steps to Revitalize Your Marriage," and "Establishing A Vision for Your Marriage & Family," Mr Milam, along withis wife, Sue have taught seminars throughout the U.S. helping thousands of people reach their full potential in their marriages. 

   Derek & Missy Irvin...A husband and wife team have been married 18 years.D erek is an ordained minister and Pastor of Life Groups and  Marriage Ministry at Northview Church in Carmel, Indiana.  Missy is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who works in both as a private  practitioner and for the state of Indiana to provide family and child therapy and supervised visitation for children.

Derek & Missy feel blessed to share a combined passion and calling for restoring and strengthening marriages and families. They live in Noblesville, Indiana with their three children.

 Dr. Dr Grammer has had a life time of experience in ministry as well as the business world. He has been an ordained minister for 30 years serving churches in Texas and Missouri as well as serving in the Air Force Chaplaincy as an assistant . He practices Pastoral Counseling, and his 30 years of experience  including extensive pastoral counseling.

He believes that it is through the truths of God's Word and our relationship with God that we can be truly be set free from internal conflict, and problems in relationships.

He attended Howard Payne University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, North Texas State University, and Andersonville Theological Seminary. He earned his Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling through Andersonville. He is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor through the National Christian Counseling Association and is a Certified Biblical Counselor through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  His professional memberships include the National Christian Counseling Association, American Association of Christian Counseling and the Association of Biblical Counselors.

He is married to his lovely wife Carolyn. He has one natural born daughter and four "adopted" daughters.  He has three grandchildren, Joshua, Benea and Joseph.


Julie David, LMFT...
Has served on the Counseling team of Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries for four years. She too has a passion for working with couples in resolving conflict in their relationships and helping them build strong marriages. Julie was called to the ministry of counseling as a young person in high school and recently received her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling before earning her license as a LPC Intern. Julie and her husband Daniel married in June of 2006. They celebrated the birth of their first son, Joshua Paul, in 2010. Julie also serves as a counselor at First Baptist Church, Irving, Texas. She enjoys playing with her son, exercising, novels, and movie nights at home with her husband.

Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries

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Marriage Renewal Weekend
 "This was my last ditch effort. I couldn't do it all on my own and we needed something to help change the way we saw & dealt with issues. My husband needed someone besides me to explain about choices, needs, and change. Thank you sooo much!
Debbie, Married 24 yrs, mom, self-employed
We are a nationally acclaimed, Christian Marriage Counseling Organization that specializes  in crisis marriage situations.
We are active members in:
* The American Association of Christian Counselors, 
* The Marriage & Family Counselors Network 
* Christian Counselors of Texas 
* The Association of Marriage & Family Ministries
Active in application of leading marital research today.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Our marriage was like roommates living together, working and and handling the kid's activities but alone. In one short weekend, we were able to take a personal inventory (the hard an honest truth), work with my spouse and recommit our hearts to God and ourselves through our new marriage. More couples should do this even if they don't have a devastating problems, as it really helps to define what healthy marriage should be. We already vowed to ensure our kids attend this prior to marriage.
Toni, Married 12 yrs, Revenue Manager
"This weekend has changed me forever. We came here completely isolated from each other and hurting from a new found affair. I didn't think my husband would even join me up to the day before. I saw God work in both of us to get us to a point of tough confession and deep hurt and on a path of healing.
Teresa, Married 12 yrs, Project Manager
Marriage Renewal Weekend
For More information
(281) 304-1500
"We were on the verge of divorce and had already told our three children we were separating. My wife found this retreat and said we should at least give it one last try. I agreed reluctantly, but agreed.  It changed our lives and saved our marriage. I had given  up all hope for our marriage and my personal life was at the bottom. I now feel renewed and the will to move forward!  I have a renewal love for God and my wife.
Jim, Married 28 yrs, Corporate Real Estate Director
"I thought my marriage was over and went to the retreat quite desperate. I saw almost immediate hope and connected strongly with all the messages I heard. It was almost as if the sessions were custom made for my husband and I. I am leaving with a renewed sense of optimism and a blessed sense of peace. I highly recommend this program. Thank God for all the wonderful, generous and caring counselors!
Martha, Married 22 yrs, Bookkeeper
"I feel I have a better sense of my responsibilities. How I've hurt Melanie in the past, how to resolve conflicts in marriage life better, and feel this will be a new start in our marriage and lives. I wish we had attended 5-6 yrs earlier or had this weekend as premarital counseling.
Jon,  Married 12 yrs, Physician  


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